Heat Treatment Database®, Hardenability and MetalloRom 2018

The actual versions of Heat Treatment Database, Hardenability and MetalloRom have been finalized.
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We introduce ourselves …

In an illustrative chronological order, typical damage cases were handled, on which the wide scope of our tasks and investigation possibilities is presented. With this film, we make our daily work transparent for all interested people. We attach great importance to the circumstance that this daily will not change to daily routine because every damage case is unique and must be individually investigated and evaluated.

Material parameters have to be actualized periodical ...

To get fast information is one of the important goals in this times. Exactly this demand is complied in an outstanding fashion by Heat Treatment Database from Dr. Sommer Materials Technology for the steel producing and processing industry.

Hardenability 2013 as a module of Heat Treatment Database

What is the strength of a 16 mm thick metal sheet from material 1.7225 with 40 x 100 mm dimension? What tempering temperature is necessary to fulfil a required strength at the surface or at the core? Which material could be used alternatively for example to optimize the heat treatment cycle while reaching the same requirements?

The new version 13 of Heat Treatment Database for professionals

To get fast informations is one of the important goals in todays times. This demand is complied in an outstanding fashion by Heat Treatment Database from Dr. Sommer Materials Technology. Now the new version allows the research of materials with specified mechanical properties depending on the components dimension.

New license models for our software products

We want you to get best results in using our software. On multiple requests from our customers we have revised the licence model of our software products. We now offer all database systems (Heat Treatment Database, Microstructure Atlas MetalloROM) and the simulation program Hardenability as site license (floating license).

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